Antique Dresser Hardware In Our Home

Antique Hardware For Dressers

An example of this type of antique dresser hardware, of simple lines, perfect composition. And also great functionality is what Moblec proposes, a Spanish company dedicate to the manufacture of home furniture. And that we can find in here among our experts. Another widely used trend is to recover old sideboards, recycle them and reuse them in existing homes. In this case, the dresser will take on a great role as a decorative object in itself. Emphasizing the rustic and aged air. Or mixing it with more modern elements looking for an eclectic style. They are resources widely used in today’s decoration proposals.

If you have a piece of furniture of these characteristics at hand. Do not hesitate to make a bet to mix it with current furniture and with elements of color, seeking to harmonize the set. Remember that you should not abuse the mix so as not to distract the attention of the dresser. Who will be the main protagonist of the room. Another option on the rise in current housing is the use of a sideboard as an element to divide or separate environments. For example, within a living-dining space. This use will cause the sideboard to separate from the wall, a classic location for a piece of furniture of this type, standing as an exempt piece or perpendicular to the wall.

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A low-height sideboard will be perfect to create environments with a certain independence without reducing the visual amplitude of the space. And, at the same time, it will continue to maintain its other possible uses. Such as storage, library or as a support for decorative objects. In addition to the combination of the different storage areas of the sideboard. All the details in it will be important. Depending on whether the available materials or finishes or the different colors are mixed together. The aesthetics of the antique dresser hardware can change radically.

If it is placed on legs or directly supported on the floor, if the doors and drawers are hidden handles or we bet on some striking. All these details will be important and determine the effect cause by the dresser in the space in which it is located. The sideboard, as we have seen, is not only a storage space. But not a decorative object in itself. It can also be a support for decorative or functional elements. Sometimes we can use the dresser as furniture for television, for example. In other cases, its main function may be to support decorative pieces. From flowers, small plants, boxes, candles, a table lamp or even a sculptural piece.

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If this situation occurs, the sideboard will be a completely auxiliary piece of furniture. And should be as neutral as possible so that the main element of the composition stands out. This boom in antique dresser hardware as a new trend of furniture for the home means that we can find them. Not only with very different designs. But in a great variety of materials and finishes: wood, melamine, lacquered boards, glass. This will allow us to integrate it into the perfection with the rest of the furniture that we have in the house.