Antique Bedroom Dresser

Antique dressers – You must be carpentry; one of the most profitable things you can do with your talent is restoration and refinishes the antique dress table game. Searching and finding Vintage dresser sets through a local antique dealer will reveal many hidden gems. Many of these vanity sets can be quickly redone and refinished […]

Antique Grey Dresser Walmart

Antique grey dresser – Are you looking for the perfect solution to adding storage to your bedroom? Do you find yourself totally out of closet space yet you still have loads of clothes to store away? If so, you may want to consider getting a dresser for your bedroom. Dresser are great for adding extra […]

1950s Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

An example of this type of antique dresser hardware, of simple lines, perfect composition. And also great functionality is what Moblec proposes, a Spanish company dedicate to the manufacture of home furniture. And that we can find in here among our experts. Another widely used trend is to recover old sideboards, recycle them and reuse […]

Antique White 5 Drawer Dresser

If we have a piece of an antique white dresser that we have tired of its appearance or that does not combine with other furniture or that we simply want to change the design, we can renew it giving it another totally different aspect. For this, we can use several techniques, such as wallpapering, decorating […]

Antique Mission Oak Dresser

The antique style is fashionable. Rusted, brick and cement give a casual touch to small studios and large rooms. The importance of the details is vital and for that reason some of the protagonist products will be the rivets, the gears or the tacks. The spirit of the old industrial buildings of New York in […]

Anthropologie Bone Inlay Dresser

The bone inlay dressers, as well as the sideboards, are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be composed of very different elements. That allow you to store all kinds of objects so that some are in view and others are completely hide. Among all these elements include the modules with glass door. […]

Antique Drawer Pulls

Grab and buds to your kitchen fronts are small things that have a big effect – like strong spices. They help to enhance the expression in your kitchen. If you have a traditional kitchen, you can choose handles and buds with fine details and the same expression as your kitchen. If you have a modern […]

Antique Bail Drawer Pulls

Nor is it necessary to spend a fortune because we can make them ourselves. Or use recycles elements to replace them. One way or another, you will surely find inspiration with these DIY ideas to renew the door and antique dresser handles. A DIY trick to give life to a shooter without changing it is […]

Antique Brass Drawer Pulls

Home antique dresser pulls and handle can give a customized look for kitchens, bathrooms or any other cabinets in your home. Decide on the look and the theme you want the Manjita to have – as a modern and contemporary country, or nautical. Extract from a hobby, favorite vacation destination or anything that may reflect […]

Antique Dresser Bathroom Vanity

An antique vanity dresser is a place to make hair and apply makeup. The table can be an element added to a room or a master bedroom or bathroom. A dressing table allows you to find the best lighting in your room to apply makeup while freeing space in a small bathroom. You can choose […]