Antique Oak Dresser Style

Antique Mission Oak Dresser

The antique style is fashionable. Rusted, brick and cement give a casual touch to small studios and large rooms. The importance of the details is vital and for that reason some of the protagonist products will be the rivets, the gears or the tacks. The spirit of the old industrial buildings of New York in the 50s is the latest, and an antique oak dresser is the perfect furniture to recreate this setting. It is quite common to find dressers design to be use in salons. And therefore, its design has become more neutral and versatile. But we can find with sideboards designed specifically for the place to be occupied, that is, bespoke sideboards.

This option will allow the dresser to be completely adapted to the storage needs that we have. While also being fully integrated into the decoration of the space. A sideboard design and manufactured to meet the needs of the living room in which it is locate. Adapting its aesthetics and style to the chosen one for the rest of the decoration, where the white color is the main protagonist. The combination of wood and metal creates the perfect recipe for furniture that evokes the old factories. And to achieve this environment it is impossible to resist a good industrial sideboard.

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In addition to being useful, for its storage space, an antique oak dresser is a piece of decoration in itself. We can find models in black metal that mimic old lockers or filing drawers. There are also designs in wood with inscriptions that evoke the marks and numbers of the packing crates. There are no limits when it comes to designing this type of furniture, or even creating them, since their worn and sometimes vintage look allows us to recycle some pieces for a DIY. It is enough to sand a sideboard with simple lines and leave it raw.

To decorate the sideboard, you can use a template with numbers and a black spray. The effect will be amazing! And you can also do it with other products such as chairs and tables. Thus, it is commit to a simple lines dresser, which gives prominence to the furniture in the room but plays with the pieces. With a clean design and no ornaments, but with a semitransparent finish that is very original and cozy. Although the industrial decoration was born of artists who, unable to rent a flat, moved to old factories, nowadays it has transcended in time.

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And not only in large spaces, but also in smaller rooms, such as offices or mini open concept floors. Luckily, when looking for an industrial sideboard, we will find a wide range both in size and models. But the variety of designs goes further, we can also choose between a low dresser or a taller antique oak dresser, halfway between the sideboard and the classic showcase. This type of furniture can be very useful to place it in a dining room. And always supported on a wall, so it does not act as a visual barrier. If we choose one with glass closure, it will help us to give transparency and depth to the room.