Best 8 Drawer Dresser IKEA Ideas

8 Drawer Dresser IKEA Ideas

8 drawer dresser IKEA – Whether it’s an old dresser IKEA or from flea market or just around the house, old dressers are very repurpose. Give it a makeover and let it shine, or turn it into something new. The only restrictions to make over a chest of drawers are time and creativity, so invest a little time to imagine a new life for your old chest of drawers worth the effort.

Refinish 8 drawer dresser IKEA. Bring new life to an old chest of drawers by giving it a facelift. Reproduce or Refinish the old chest of drawers and replace obsolete or broken hardware such as hinges, knobs and pulls. Lacing an old chest of drawers is an easy weekend project almost everyone can do. Consider adding decorations to refinished dresser with antique, stenciling or adding a mirror. If the suits are misplaced in the home, lacquering thinks it for a friend or family member as a gift.

When there is no need to save an old chest of drawers, consider making it more than the sum of its individual parts. Instead of throwing out the old chest of drawers or giving it away, make it a modular shelf using the drawers. Remove hardware from the drawers and give drawers a new coat of primer and paint. Line bottom of drawers with a free wallpaper and stack them long-wise. Consider securing the shelves and bracketing it to the wall when applied to carpeted floors. Try to add locking and unlocking hinges on the back of each drawer to hold them together.

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If you have an old 8 drawer dresser IKEA and a lot of extra kitchen table, consider turning the kitchen to a kitchen island. This project requires a few extra pieces, such as a butcher block or laminate worktop, but is a simple weekend project for ambitious doing-even. This project makes use of all the commode’s parts and is ideal for budget redecorators wanting to upgrade their kitchens.

One of the most classic new orientation projects, turning an old dresser to a bathroom vanity, is simple and can create an elegant look in the bathroom room. Small vintage dressers are ideal for this project, and additional items such as a kitchen table sink and fixtures are necessary to complete this project. Pour wood with a moisture-resistant foundation, paint or paint seal before installing it in a damp bathroom room. Humidity can make the paint shake away from the tree.

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And butter 8 drawer dresser IKEA for a smoother slide and longer life. Wood and metal drawer slides can be lubricated quickly to make them open and close easier. Made of lubricant reduces friction in the sled, which again reduces wear on your chest of drawers’ parts. Metal slide, pull the tray out as far as it will go to reveal metal slides on both sides. Remove all items from inside the tray and set aside. Wipe dust or dirt from the metal sliding on both sides of the drawer with a roll of paper or a shop cloth.