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Dresser Without Mirror Designs

Few meters and wanting to get more out of them? With some simple guidelines, you will enjoy much more of the hours you spend in your living room. The dresser without mirror, also sometimes called a cupboard, buffet  or  sideboard , in English, has always been and still is the best option to keep our linens , cutlery  and tableware, and in general, the home ,  protect . On the other hand, to new times, new uses, and little by little we have seen the sideboard move from our dining rooms and kitchens to the hall, the bathroom or the living room. In this way we know for sure that it is a piece of our furniture that where we decide to put, triumphs.

From here we recommend that you place your sideboard in a corner of the room to dress that hole with style. And complete the decoration of it. Or even if you have a large living room and you want to divide the room. Place it in the middle (maybe attach to the back of the  sofa ) and function as a border furniture. These are just two examples of how your sideboard furniture will serve not only as a storage center. But as a fundamental piece in the layout of your living room furniture.

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In many online stores they are always going to urge you to take into account a few simple factors before choosing your ideal dresser without mirror . And then you will get to know them in a simple and orderly way. Starting with the square dressers, around 100cmx100cm, we are the most classic and easy to place. Its complete symmetry makes storage a pleasure, giving priority to the doors rather than to the drawers. Secondly, the low sideboards, commonly confused with furniture on which to place the television, boast elegance and perfectly accompany the rest of our low furniture.

Finally the tall and rectangular dressers, often equip with showcases. Or small drawers will be ideal to wear a high and bare wall. Sideboards with legs, without legs or suspended on the wall. Keep in mind that the higher the legs, the more storage space we will sacrifice in the dressers. However, we will provide our dresser cabinet with a more stylized and elegant appearance. The option of anchoring it to the wall is a good solution so that it is perfectly fix and we do not have a feeling of stability.

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Room the classic woods to the most innovative plastics, our dresser without mirror can belong to any of a huge number of families. And also styles such as  vintage ,  industrial ,  Nordic , etc. We recommend that you go through your online decoration shop to discover these. And other details within the vast world that makes up our beloved sideboard. The same happens with the sideboard or the coffee table. If they are discrete and with simple lines they leave you more freedom to choose small details full of color without the final effect being overwhelming.