Bizarre Yet Awesome Dresser Pulls

Dresser Hardware Pulls

Do you want to change a piece of dresser furniture? Change the dresser pulls! We continue to err with the changes of decoration that fit this season of “tightening the belt” and if the other day we saw that changing the cushions could turn our living room , today we will see a small detail that can make completely change a wardrobe, chest of drawers or furniture of any kind and of course the doors. For the most daring or those who have my maxim “in restoration everything is reversible”, I will tell you that you can paint a piece of furniture (please do not use noble woods such as walnut, cherry, mahogany or oak).

And if you do not like it, stripping it, repainting it or even lacquering it and transforming it completely. For those who are not going the restoration, a simple change of shooters. And you will give a totally new air, without risks or stains. Both in specialized stores and in large decoration chains or DIY centers you can find beautiful collections that will transform your furniture. In my case, I changed the simple handles of the Hemnes divan bed from Ikea, to other porcelain from India. This had little flowers painted very similar to those of the bout in my dwarf’s room. Of course, I have kept the blacks for when I grow up and want to change the whole room.

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The result is that the bed with dresser pulls that all the children of the world have. White has become a different bed with a quilt with romantic reminiscences and that simple detail. Although in the image is not appreciate too much. In fact a friend who came to play comment: “Let’s have the same bed! Oh, no, mine is from Ikea! There are plenty of models, there are models for safe and very happy children’s furniture with brighter colors or more pastel … please, no one put doll heads to open the drawers; just thinking about it gives me chills…

Taking advantage of the unpacking, you can find handles of brass or even antique bronze with filigree. That you can put in anodyne furniture. And you will get to give them personality. Take a good look and browse because many times old doors and windows are use to make tables or consoles and they take away the ironwork, knobs and handles, which are sold separately. You have to search and find them the same, but it’s a fun task.

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For it is not a friend of the trend brilli brilli, you can also leave antique look or paint color furniture. If the watermarks are beautiful, it will continue to give character to the furniture. The colored or transparent glass knobs are very successful . If you also do with Moroccan-style tassels , with brightly color silk beads and dresser pulls handle. Then you can give the house a very personal touch, with an ethnic and sophisticated touch. Have you ever changed the handles to give a different look to an anodyne piece of furniture?