Decorate Ideas Dark Brown Dresser

Amazing Dark Brown Dresser

Dark brown dresser – It’s always a fun project to give old sad furniture a makeover so they appear new and fresh in our decor. A typical thing that follows us through many years is the dark brown dresser. Whatever your dark brown dresser is one you’ve inherited, found in flea market or purchased in IKEA, that’s probably one you’ve had for a long time.  Most people will first think about painting the old chest of drawers, which is also the obvious choice. But there are many different choices when you want to paint your dark brown dresser, you can paint it completely or only partially, in a pattern or in different colors.

It gives a very nice effect and tailor-made expression if you paint the chest of drawers in the same color as the wall it faces. Likewise, it also gives the most stylish expression if you paint the entire chest of drawers in the same color, which would probably be preferable if the dark brown dresser is to be slightly anonymous in the room. But if you’d like to pepper the chest of drawers a little more and highlight it, try it out with only partial painting. It may be that you will not paint the drawers, the countertop, the grips, or only the paintings half the chest of drawers. If you are a bit braver, you can throw yourself into a pattern and possibly use more colors, it’s easy with a little paint tape to get some great patterns.

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If you want to save some time to grind the dark brown dresser before painting, check whether to paint it with paint instead. When painting your chest of drawers, you can also supplement it with wallpaper of, for example, the drawer fronts. If you are into a little more pattern and life than you have the ability to paint, then the wallpaper is a good option. It often fits well with children’s rooms, as the chest of drawers becomes a bit more fancy and special, and there is also a lot of nice wallpaper for children.

If you do not even have a nice antique dark brown dresser you can make it does not mean you cannot get started with personalizing a chest of drawers. There are a variety of options available for making a makeover on cheap IKEA cabinets. It’s unbelievable how much you can transform a simple IKEA chest of drawers, and achieve a result that appears unique and personal. There are different degrees to do that. You can just put some nice wall stickers on your chest of drawers to the children’s room, but you can also throw yourself in new grips, legs or to paint the chest of drawers.

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The prize over when you are going to renovate your dark brown dresser is to put new grip on. It’s an easy and fast way to transform your commode’s expression and there are a lot of choices. You can easily handle yourself, for example, it’s a simple leather glove you use, or you can save plastic animals and attach them to grips on the chest of drawers in the children’s room. If you cannot choose only one type of grip, it can also provide a fun effect to mix different grips, but try to stay within a particular theme.