Excellent 12 Drawer Dresser

Large 12 Drawer Dresser

12 drawer dresser are ideal furniture for placing cutlery. Nowadays they also serve to accommodate CDs and video cassettes; some have separators to order them correctly. Large, very small, several in a column and in the center or three superiors covering the width of the furniture, the possibilities are endless. There are even modern designs in which the entire model is a double drawer (a small one hidden inside the larger one). Outwardly, they present a simple and minimalist appearance; they are designed to store compact discs.

Doors: are those that mark the design line. For example, those that are combined with chicken wire have a country style. There are many types: those of the most current models are combined with frosted glass, millepunti (dotted) or translucent. They can also come with aluminum or iron. On the other hand, blinds are made (they do not allow to see the interior), totally smooth, carved or with marqueterie (it is common to observe them in those of style). The fittings follow the style of the model, in bronze, iron or aluminum. They are usually made of the same material and format as the rest of the furniture.

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When the model is about one meter tall, the lid is usually straight and above it you can locate objects that you want to have in view: vases, vases, picture frames, television or stereo. If the height is higher, the termination is usually a curved molding. In this case it is about the so-called colonial models. Most of the cupboards created after the 60’s were made with block bases. That is to say, 12 drawer dresser did not differ from the furniture. Previously, there were models with different types of legs, which varied according to the time and style of the goods.

For example, the English with the cabriole leg or the French Art Deco with long legs. There were also the Americans of the 50s, with curved feet with bronze tips. The moderns, on the other hand, seek greater practicality and space saving. Therefore, many have wheels that, in addition to giving them a dynamic appearance, facilitate their transfer. Optional sections: the elevation and the bar are not found in all the designs. In the first case, it is located on the top of the piece of furniture and is usually used to show off elements. Sometimes they also have a showcase and a mirror.

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As for the bar, it is a practical resource. In some designs it is hidden behind a revolving door. Glasses, glasses and bottles are located in compartments specially designed for that purpose. When several drawers are needed, a haberdashery can be converted into an excellent 12 drawer dresser. A delicate touch: those who have a display case can be attached to the edge of each shelf. Ideal for those who like nostalgic environments. In a single studio it is possible to use them as dividers. For example, to differentiate the sector where the bed of the one used as living room is.