Great Ideas for Dresser Armoire Combo

Dec 20th

Doors that large closets use for hanging clothes are a minimum of two. Although, being dresser armoire combo, most usual thing is that they dedicate four doors to hangers and many others for shelves where folded clothes will go. For your happiness, if you have large cabinets you will find it almost impossible to have them untidy. Sloping ceilings are a challenge for cabinets, but also for rest of furniture in house – if you want to place a wardrobe under a sloping roof, you will face a total challenge. Depending on height of roof, task will be more or less complicated.

Wardrobe And Dresser Combo
Wardrobe And Dresser Combo

In attic areas, a good alternative for wardrobes are hanging open structures. These have advantage that you can use entire surface with slope, taking advantage of space of wall and leaving much free space in room. In both high and low ceilings, you can create a good storage space – for example, with hidden low shelves with sliding doors. These small cabinets can adapt to style of wall, or put a different accent to room using different materials, such as metal or wicker. It is true, small closets may not be enough to keep all your clothes, your accessories and your shoes.

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However, they can be protagonists of decoration of your room. On other hand, you can always add adorable auxiliary furniture, such as simonies and a nice shoe rack. Although we have started with a strong reference to small cupboards for bedrooms, you can actually count on small closets for different rooms in your house. This type of closet of reduced dimensions is always a small assistant. That gives you storage space that you need. Built-in wardrobes of bedroom or kitchen are not always enough to contain all your things. On other hand, there is special dresser armoire combo. Such as a wardrobe with sliding doors, which do not require extra space to be operative?

Small bathrooms can also include practical and decorative furniture to provide storage options. You will find designs to hang on wall that will give a different air to bathroom. Its depending on style you have chosen. Actually, this type of small cabinets is functional, flirty and perfect as a decoration element. When we talk about small contemporary cabinets, in addition to trying avant-garde furniture, we imagine recovered old cupboards, great to enhance different styles.

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Hang in them a small closet with mirror, intended for cleaning elements and medicines or first aid kit. It will be great. Two small wooden cabinets, rustic style and with two protective doors with two or three shelves. It can take place of sideboard in dining room of a country house. Combine them with a set of colonial style table and chairs. Design an original composition for your barbecue with several wooden dresser armoire combo. You can choose two small low dressers, two doors each. Then hang, on them, two beautiful shelves to place glasses, plates and sources in sight. Integra a large rectangular wooden table and two banks of same length at their sides.