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Dresser Valet Design

Dresser valet – for jewelry Jewelry has been popular almost since the beginning of humanity itself. However, it was the Victorian era that contributed to making it an indisputable part of every woman’s completed ensemble. During a time when beauty was kept in high respect, women wore frills, lace, rich velvet and feathers but they also used them in their home decor. Many Victorian dresser valets were made of the same rich satin, smooth velvet and delicious silk fabrics that women from that time had as part of their clothes. These beautiful boxes were trimmed with decorative braids, ornate lace, and fluffy tassels. They were further decorated with pearls, jewels, and even beautiful buttons. Making a Victorian dresser valet today is relatively simple and very fun.

Make choices when it comes to a Victorian dresser valet for jewelry. Decide what size jewelry box needs to be. The type and number of jewelry pieces it becomes housing will affect this choice, as well as where the box will be placed in a room. Determine the type of material to be used. This will depend on whether the box is made from scratch or adapted from anything on the market. Determine how the box will be decorated. Typical Victorian boxes often include flowers, jewelry, lace, braids and more.

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Buy a dresser valet in the desired size and shape. It may be possible to find an already finished cloth box that can be used as a starting point. If not, start with a simple wood fiber board or wooden box purchased at a craft shop. Load the supplies needed to complete the dresser valet. Put paper below the material before the project. Put on all the necessary tools.

Make a dresser valet for jewelry. Cover fiberboard or wooden box, if you start from scratch. First, use a fiber or foam padding to cover the box to give the soft romantic base so common in Victorian decor. Then cover the padding with fabric. Tuck the raw edges of the fabric on the inside and / or bottom of the box inside and / or the bottom. Line the inside of the box with the same or another chosen fabric. Cover some fabric rough edges with lace or braid to give the box a more beautiful appearance and to prevent the fabric from tearing away. Glue felt support on the bottom of the box. This will help keep it from scratch furniture.

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Trim the cloth box, if desired. Use lace, braid, traction, or bead to decorate around the outside of the box. Using the other decorative items selected for the box, place the selected design on top of the box. When the pattern is ready for satisfaction, proceed to the next step. Using the correct type of adhesive for the material used, attach decorations to the pattern selected as it is placed on top of the box. Scotch Guard box to prevent discoloration. Choose ready-made drawers in rich side, plush velvet and delicious silk fabrics for the best Victorian style. Use metal charms in hearts, flowers and keys, all of which were important symbols for the Victorian era.

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