Ideas For Paint A Wooden 6 Drawer Tall Dresser

Vintage 6 Drawer Tall Dresser

6 drawer tall dresser – Make a dresser look dramatic and new with black paint. Whether you just bought a vintage wooden chest of drawers or you want to update an existing paint is available that will suit your needs. Before painting a wooden chest of drawers, the surface must be processed by grinding and foundation. For faster grinding, use an electric grinder. Primers are available in white and different shades of gray. Most paint colors require a gray-tinted primer, so the paint you choose will result in the exact color you see on the color chip. Contact a paint retailer or manufacturer for the shadow of primer that you will need.

Prepare your work area for paint a wooden 6 drawer tall dresser. Put a piece of fabric or newspaper on the floor and put the chest of drawers on top. Remove hardware from the drawers. Store hardware in a safe place, protected from paint. Remove drawers from the dresser. Start grinding chest of drawers with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Alternatively you can buy or rent an electric grinder. Use a piece of sandpaper in the areas that an electric grinder cannot reach. Sand the surface two to three times with sandpaper or the electric sander. Switch to a 150-sandpaper grain and sand of chest of drawers. This will smooth surface and prepare the area for application.

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Remove the residue with a tack cloth or a hand vacuum. Prior to applying primer, make sure that the chest of drawers is free of all sand particles. Spray a thin layer of primer on the dresser. Allow the primer to dry for about an hour. Consult the label on your can of primer for the manufacturer’s recommended dry time. Sand the drawers while primer on your chest of drawers is drying.

Apply another layer of primer on the chest of drawers and drawers. Allow to dry for about an hour. Repeat as needed. Sand any rough areas before the last layer primer. If you only need two layers of primer, sand the rough areas before applying the second layer. Apply a thin base layer of semi-gloss paint on the chest of drawers with a paint roller. Let the paint dry for about four hours. Consult the label on your can of paint to the manufacturer’s recommended dry time. Apply a thin base layer of semi-gloss paint on drawers with a paint roller or brush. Allow to dry for about four hours.

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Apply another layer of paint to your 6 drawer tall dresser and draw a brush to add texture. Paint in the direction of the grain on the chest of drawers. Apply as many thin layers as necessary to achieve the desired effect. Allow the paint to dry overnight before installing hardware and inserting it back into your chest of drawers. Use paint in a well-ventilated area. Read and follow all manufacturer’s warnings and instructions. Use protective clothing such as gloves, eye protection goggles and a respirator.