Ideas To Decorate Corner Dressers

Amazing Corner Dressers

If when you decorate corner dressers your living room you realize that space is very limited and you want to make the most of it, you can make the corner dressers of this room become your great ally. In general, in the design of the current houses, the halls have a square or rectangular shape, which makes this option easier for us. The corner dressers are trend in the current decoration and, also, are very appropriate when you want to gain space in the living room. You find them in different sizes, choose the one that best suits the available meters of your living room and place it next to the walls, fitting in the corner.

If you are in a minimum usable area in your home, corner dressers can add decoration without detracting from your square footage. Also arrange difficult to decorate areas, such as corners or difficult corners of irregular shape. There is more to decorating with corner dresser than putting one up and filling it with trinkets. You must accurately determine the appropriate scale of your room to buy the right size part. You should also approach filling the shelves strategically so you can maximize both storage and style.

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Size your bookshelf precisely to match the scale of the furniture in the rest of the room, as well as the space in which you intend to place it. Choosing dresser that is too large or too small will result in a screen and an inefficient use of uncomfortable space. Take the steps before you buy to get an idea of ​​what the size of the platform for purchase. Match the style of your corner dressers with the style of the rest of your decor. Look for a paint color or wood grain that matches or complements other surfaces in your home, such as your wall color, wood trim, or wood accent furniture. If you mix styles, such as adding an ornate antique shelf for a room decorated with modern design, make sure that the placement of the platform seems deliberate.

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Light the elements of the screen on your dresser, if desired. Some dressers come with pre-installed lighting units. A strategically placed floor lamp or custom lamps designed to be inserted into the front of the larger dressers can also adequately illuminate the screen. Not all dressers require lighting. Organize items on your dressers in groups of similar colors, sizes, shapes or objects. Play with the screen, move objects and reorder them until you create a screen that shows your collection, but it does not look messy or dirty. Balance larger objects with multiple smaller objects to create balance. Invest in decorative boxes, baskets or other storage containers if you plan to use your corner dresser for storage. For example, a decorative box that keeps your video game equipment, DVDs or exercise supplies will look more unified and less crowded than if you had placed those items on the individual platform.

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