Increase Of The Interior With Ashley Dresser

Ashley Dresser And Mirror

Ashley dresser – In the case, many dresser come in vary materials. “These pieces of furniture are made of different materials, such as stainless steel, glass, wood, mirrors, etc. There is upholstery in leather or leatherette and painted in polyurethane, the idea that all furniture should be made of wood only has changed; Textures gives excellent results, “says interior architect Nicole Futterknecht. In addition, you can use radios, benches and even old televisions as sideboards or consoles. You can find them in flea markets and antique shops. The possibilities we can have to decorate our dresser are many.

Everything will be a function of the style not only of the furniture in question, but also of the rest of the furniture with which it will share the space. Whether retrieved, modern or classic lines, the consoles and sideboards help complete the design of the environments. Although the consoles are light pieces and do not take up much space, the Ashley dresser is designed for those who, in addition to having a decorative piece, want to store. In many houses there is furniture that we do not know how to decorate. Or we want to buy a new piece of furniture but we do not know what design or style to choose.

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In this article we will focus on modern interiors and how to decorate a nice Ashley dresser to increase the style and elegance of the interior. If our dresser is painted white or natural wood, a French-style mirror painted in gray would be a recommended option. And if instead our furniture is painted in gray, a white mirror will bring light and contrast. Some flowers, a plant or dry flower, is a perfect wild card. But be very careful if what you are going to use is flower or artificial plants. And finally some glass accessories such as the fashionable glass pans, the lanterns or the boats will help you to give your dresser the final touch you needed.

Modern ashley dresser for the living room; one of the places where you can place the sideboards is in the living room and you can decorate them with modern and original vases. Also on the wall behind the dresser you can decorate it with mirrors. And complete with one or two mirrors depending on the size and shape of these. Advised you to choose some sideboards that combine with the rest of the decoration and the colors of the interior so that the result is more pleasant. On the other hand, if you do not know how to decorate a more elongated dresser you can put on it a lamp with an original design.

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The wall can also be used as a surface that helps decoration for Ashley dresser. Especially if you put a mirror or a very modern picture. When we talk about the combination of styles we also refer to the combination of colors because color marks the style to a certain extent. In the interiors where the color white predominates, you can opt for some black furniture, including the dressers. The decoration that is on top of the dressers is advisable that it is also black because otherwise the alternation of the colors will be excessive.