Unique Bone Inlay Dresser

Anthropologie Bone Inlay Dresser

The bone inlay dressers, as well as the sideboards, are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be composed of very different elements. That allow you to store all kinds of objects so that some are in view and others are completely hide. Among all these elements include the modules with glass door. With aluminum or wood frame, which is undoubtedly the most identifying of the showcases? To increase attractiveness and achieve unique and attractive furniture. The lounge furniture allows adding lighting inside the glass door modules. This lighting can also go in some diaphanous modules.

If in our room we do not have space problems, the aesthetic choice will send. While the showcases are a more classic concept, the sideboards are more current. In addition, the sideboards load less space because aesthetically the weight is in the bottom, which is really important if we want to opt for furniture with dark finishes or with a certain personality. In addition, the sideboards allow a wall box or clock to be including in the wall. Among others, as well as decorative elements on the envelope. Some elements that combine really well with the sideboards. And that can be very practical, are the table lamp.

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In some cases, hung modules are add on the bone inlay dresser, which provide a greater capacity for the space. Or wall shelves, which allow books or decorative elements to be house. Another combination very used in dining rooms is a dresser and a wall mirror. The latter will greatly help to visually expand the space. Something that will be appreciate above all if the space does not have many meters. If everything and that we want to opt for a showcase, we must opt ​​for clear finishes and prioritize the diaphanous and glass modules, with the intention that they do not overload the space.

That is also interesting to keep in mind if we want to opt for a large sideboard. The mention pieces are made of solid wood and have a magnificent lacquer finish in oriental style. The lacquer shows a red base on which extends a layer of black lacquer, shiny and polished. The vanity set is lacquer inside and out, also carrying bone inlays whose whiteness contrasts with the black background. However, the most striking decoration of this article is the hand-painted motifs that adorn the upper covers. It is a set of oriental landscapes made in full color, with very fine brushstrokes and an impressive attention to detail.

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The bone inlay dresser landscapes are very beautiful and delicate. Full of life and painted in shades of orange, ocher, green, white, yellow and red. The largest landscape occupies the top cover of the toilet set. In the upper left corner of this cover we can see a signature or inscription made in red oriental signs. Inside the small piece of furniture we also find a hairbrush, a mirror, a compact, a box and a nail brush. These elements are also lacquer and have oriental motifs paint by hand, similar to those of the covers. In each piece there is embed a small bone ornament. All of them carved by hand and representing traditional Chinese images of boats and peasants.