Why Not A Farmhouse Dresser

Antique Farmhouse Dresser

Farmhouse dresser is a classic that never goes out of style, as well as being an extremely useful piece of furniture to hide crockery, cutlery, coasters … etc. If you like this type of furniture, today we give you ideas to combine them with the rest of the room. Rustic dressers are the perfect complement to a warm and comfortable home. This type of furniture also has the charm of handmade products. If you also want to take advantage of a certain space, you can ask a carpenter of confidence to make the furniture to measure according to your tastes.

The rustic dressers are very good in the halls of rustic style or also in the classic or vintage style. A perfect complement to this type of dressers is the wooden friezes on walls and ceilings, or stone walls. You can also make a combination of both styles with wooden friezes on the wall and a stone fireplace, for example. If the room has a beam, we can take advantage of it to give it a special touch. On the other hand, baskets and other items made of natural fibers are also perfect when decorating a rustic sideboard. You can also resort to metal and wood pieces. Some decorative copper object will also look good on you.

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The farmhouse dresser combines very well with ceramic floors or wooden parquet. The bad thing about ceramic floors is that they are very cold and unpleasant to tread barefoot. However, we can look for alternatives in the world of pallets, such as: completely rustic parquet, with many knots, veins and tones that evoke natural wood. Traditional salons had large tables and wooden chairs that made the dining room the most welcoming place in the house. The sideboards used to be large and hold the crockery and glassware for special occasions. Nowadays, a farmhouse sideboard can be the ideal complement for a living room or kitchen with a rustic touch.

Wood and light colors will brighten the room and make your guests feel at home. There is no farmhouse sideboard that does not have doors and drawers in which to distribute the accessories for the table. The glass doors with ornaments in wrought iron are especially good, especially when it comes to a farmhouse sideboard located in the kitchen. Classic furniture always has room at home. If they do not fit with our decoration, you just have to give them a twist to renew them.

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Luckily, a farmhouse dresser is very easy to customize and adjust to different types of decoration. If it is a white dresser, it will look great combined with red. Place small curtains of white and red boxes on the glass doors and put some aromatic plant on the furniture. Red and green will give a natural and very cheerful touch that will be good in any kitchen. If you have a small farmhouse sideboard, restore it to place it in the entrance. Paint it, for example, in sky blue and age it a bit. Add brass knobs and put a tiffany lamp on top. You will turn your hall into a corner of the most elegant.